Tin is silver-white, soft, chemically resistant metal, solder-free, non-dark in air and non-toxic, so it is widely used in the food industry for the production of food production equipment.

It is also of great use in electrical engineering, for example: tinning of copper contacts, feet, housings, etc.

Tin coatings are glossy, soft and good anti-corrosion protection because they are not porous. They can be applied in different thicknesses, which depend on the later application of the item and the technical requirements.

The tinning process is carried out on the drum line and on the carrier line.

maximum dimensions of the item:

  • length: 2.200 mm
  • height: 900 mm
  • width: 450 mm

The most common applications are the electrical industry, copper cable lugs, boxes, connectors, contacts, sheets, copper power rails,…

Tin coatings can be applied to: steel, copper, brass (nickel underlayment), stainless steel, aluminum