Production of Demi water

We produce high quality demineralized water for demanding technical and technological needs. The water produced by our process is characterized by exceptional chemical and biological purity, free of dissolved minerals, heavy metals, organic chemicals and microorganisms. We produce water through a combination of state-of-the-art technological procedures, which achieve the highest possible quality of the obtained water. The starting material for the production of our demi water is natural, potable groundwater, not a by-product of various chemical processes or cooling devices.

Demineralized water from our production does not contain dissolved salts of calcium Ca2 +, magnesium Mg2 +, sodium Na +, iron, as well as dissolved heavy metals, and anions of hydrogen carbonate, chloride, sulfate and nitrate, resulting in a degree of hardness 0 (zero). Due to our method of production and filtration, the water contains neither dissolved organic matter nor microorganisms, which makes long-term storage possible.

Whether you need to ensure quality, reliable and long-lasting operation of laser cutting machines or IZO glass washers, quality preparation of cooling and washing solutions or electrolyte preparation in electroplating, our demi water is what you need.

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