Galvanization ZGR Kovačić has a completely resolved system of technological wastewater treatment, which begins with the selection of chemicals used in metalworking processes.

In our processes, we use only environmentally friendly chemicals from renowned manufacturers that contain no cyanide and complexing agents.

The wastewater treatment process is fully automated. It consists of neutralization of acid – alkaline waters, reduction of chromate and precipitation of metal hydroxide in the form of sludge, which is filtered through a filter press, where a cake containing 70-75% water is obtained. The treated water, which fully meets the parameters set by the water law, goes to the public drainage system. Regular analyzes of water by an authorized institution meet the requirements of the water permit.

In order to reduce the volume and mass of sludge, we were the first in the Republic of Croatia to start drying galvanic sludge in 2004. A low-temperature WATROMAT® dryer from Swiss manufacturer WATROPUR  AG was purchased for this purpose.

Ventilation air undergoes a scrubber wash process and leaves the drives completely clean.

ZGR Kovačić has a certified environmental management system ISO 14001: 2015.