Chromium plating (Cr III)

A layer of decorative chrome 0.3 microns thick is deposited on the coating of glossy nickel, which gives the item a distinctive bluish gloss of chrome.

Decorative chrome plating can be done on steel, copper, brass and stainless steel items.

The surface intended for chrome plating must be smooth and shiny, so only parts made from light-drawn tubes, cold-rolled sheets or mechanically sanded and polished surfaces are considered for best results.

The main corrosion protection of chrome plated parts is not given by chrome, but by deposits before chrome – in our process we use semibrigh nickel and bright nickel system (duplex nickel system).

We apply decorative chrome from chloride type trivalent chromium Cr (III) chemistry which is in line with all ecology and environment protection laws of the 21st. century. Type of the chrome Cr III process is Trichrome Plus® from Atotech.

The thickness of nickel below chromium depends on the site of use of the item and can range from 5 to 40 microns. Decorative chrome is used to protect glossy nickel from atmospheric corrosion (oxidation) and gives the coating a decorative look (high gloss).

maximum dimensions of the item:

  • length: 2.200 mm
  • height: 900 mm
  • width: 450 mm

We do NOT perform services of refurbishing old parts of any kind, restoring old timers (bicycles, motorcycles, cars,…), as well as chrome plating of new and old rims (from bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, steel, aluminum).We only do jobs for the industry.